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Dholera Smart City Project Development & Current Status

Dholera Smart City refers to one of the latest greenfield smart city projects in Gujarat that connects Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. It is expected to stand out as an example for all the major smart cities of India. The Dholera smart city project is going to be the biggest greenfield project in Asia.

The specialty of the Dholera SIR Project is its non-polluted and clean ambiance. The total Dholera smart city project area encompasses 920 sq. km and offers immense growth and development possibilities including high-tech infrastructure, and great connectivity, along with the overall sustainable development of the region including ample greenery all around.

The entire Dholera SIR area will be developed in different phases. Each phase will cater to the development of different activation area allocated to it. The phases are further broken down into six town planning schemes. The aim of the project is to fulfill the increasing need for homes that offer all amenities and are within a budget.

Is Dholera Smart City Ready?

The development of the Dholera smart city will be in different phases. The project's Phase 1 will include the First and Second Town Planning Schemes (1 & 2). The approximate area covered in Town Planning Scheme 1 is 51 sq. km. On the other hand, 102 sq. km is the approximate area for Town Planning Scheme 2.

However, the total Dholera smart city area will also cover 250 meters of the planned Expressway. This road will stretch for 110 KM more as a connecting link between Ahmedabad, Dholera Expressway, and Bhavnagar. Therefore, the people in Gujarat will be long-term gainers after the completion of this massive project.

Phase 1 of the Dholera smart city project is expected to be completed by 2023. However, the activation area or the area which is going to be industrial area majorly and is about 22.5 Sq. KM is still under construction will be operational.

The construction of the Dholera International Airport phase 1 will begin in 2022 and is expected to be completed by 2024. The construction of the Ahmedabad to Dholera Greenfield expressway will also be completed around the same time.

What is the Status of Dholera Smart City?

Dholera smart city is an upcoming city in Gujarat, India developed by Dholera Development Authority (DDA). Dholera SIR Phase 1 is completed with TP1 & TP2, which are industrial zones and residential zone areas with their own hub and city canter zone.

Further phase 2 will be developed in the next 10 years, and after that, phase 3, which will be developed after 20 years. Overall, Dholera SIR Project will be fully developed in 2043.

Is It Good to Invest in Dholera?
1. Great Connectivity in Dholera Smart City:

Great connectivity for the young and career-oriented Indians, Dholera will have Dholera International Airport, a seaport connectivity, metro train, and Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway.

2. World-class Planning in Smart City Dholera:

It certainly stands out as far as planning is concerned. It has world-class planning indeed. It is designed and planned by the best experts in the world. Solutions will be provided by CISCO and IBM. In a nutshell, Dholera is the next big thing in India. It’s only wise to invest in land in Dholera.

3. Dholera SIR Investment Hub:

Dholera is expected to be a massive commercial hub. The area will be developed as a global manufacturing and commercial hub as it is the first smart city on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

4. Create Jobs in Dholera:

Dholera will have innumerable job opportunities. A considerable number of jobs are likely to be created in this area, opening doors of opportunities for many, as Dholera is being developed as a global and Industrial Smart City.

Recently big News Update on Vedanta and Foxconn’s proposed semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat, Modi stated that the facility will come up in Dholera.

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