The State Government will constitute RDA for each SIR declared by it.

The RDA will be a body corporate.

The State Government is also empowered to designate any Government agency or a govt. company to act as RDA.

The RDA will have Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and members not exceeding eleven- to be appointed by the Govt. TATVAM It will comprise of the official and non-officials & experts as members.

Power and functions of D-RDA

To prepare Land use plan, Town planning scheme and Development plan for SIR.

To Supervise, Monitor, Regulate and Ensure the planned development of SIR.

To lay down the infrastructure and civil amenities.

Acquire land and hold properties and sale, lease and transfer the properties including land.

To execute contracts with unit holders, developers.

To levy and collect fees, user charges. Control the development activities.

To remove unauthorized construction, encroachment. Basically all ground level work, planning & regulation.